Director General of Supply and Disposal (DGS&D)


In DGS&D is the central purchase organization of the Indian government, functioning under the Ministry of Commerce & Industry. Its role is to finalize the rate contracts to be used by Government departments to procure items of general use.

DGS&D contract rates allow the state, central and government-owned entities to buy required goods at the DGS&D specified prices. The contract rates for such purchases by government departments and public sector undertakings (PSUs) are fixed once every year.

The DGS&D’s Rate Contracts provide government buyers with bulk rate pricing, saving them the hassle of frequent re-tendering and allowing them to buy at the same rate throughout the year. This, in turn, allows government agencies to manage their budgets and inventory more efficiently. For suppliers, rate contracts provide access to an assured customer and large volume of purchases for a specific time period without having to respond to tenders frequently.

Advantages in Associating with DGS&D

To Suppliers:

  • Its REGISTRATION is held in high esteem by all Govt. Department/Agencies 
  • Award of rate contract lends respectability & image enhancement.
  • Marketing effort required is nominal.
  • Consistent & uniform purchase policies & procedures.
  • Availability of technical guidance for upgrading manufacturing processes & for building product quality.  Uniform Quality Assurance techniques lead to standardization.
  • Registered suppliers are given prior intimation about tenders. 

To Buyers :

  • Facility of purchase of lowest competitive price.
  • Enables buying as & when required.
  • Saves effort involved in tedious & frequent tendering.
  • Just in Time availability of supplies for inventory management.
  • Availability of quality goods with full quality assurance back-up.

Quality Assurance Wing

Quality Assurance Wing of DGS&D (Formally known as Inspection Wing) is the Inspection Agency of the Govt. of India

Consists of a team of professionally qualified experts, trained in India & abroad in various disciplines of engineering Renders inspection & technical services for Quality Assurance in procurement activities 

Technical arm of DGS&D providing complete support in purchase activity by laying down specifications, assessing the vendors, technical evaluation of bids & assuring quality of stores for their conformity

 It has 35 centres covering all industrial locations in the country • Provides third party inspection service for civil indentors

Functions : 

  • Quality Assurance of products at various stages of manufacture, commissioning & testing .
  • Preparation of technical specifications for tender enquiry & technical evaluation of bids.
  • Vendor assessment for placement of contracts and registration .
  • Testing & Evaluation of stores.
  • Failure investigation of stores  ,
  • Development of small scale industries and KVIC units .
  • Quality Audit of supplies at users end .
  • Provides single window service by giving information about DGS&D functions to the indenters & the industry
  • Assisting BIS in preparation and updating of National Standards.